Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular aesthetic dental treatments available. In fact, many Dental Professionals consider teeth whitening the safest cosmetic procedure available. Having the treatment at Brock Street Dental Practice guarantees that your whitening is carried out by a qualified professional, with legal, approved whitening gel.


Home whitening

We take impressions and make your whitening trays at the surgery. You take the trays and gels home and complete at home.

  • We use ‘Boutique Whitening’ teeth whitening system, a worldwide market leader in tooth whitening.
  • Easy to use with great results
  • Safe and given with professional guidance
  • The cost of this treatment is £300
  • 0% finance available for 12 months at £25 per month.

We don’t recommend laser whitening

  • Can oversensitize the teeth and result in pain
  • Only dries out the teeth causing them to whiten temporarily