How bad are energy drinks?

In a recent study by the Cardiff University, School of Dentistry, it was concluded that regular consumption of energy drinks could contribute to dental erosion and the development of obesity. Lucozade and Rockstar were found to potentially have the greatest impact on oral health and obesity.

Materials and methods 

Five drinks representing 75% of the UK energy drinks market were purposively selected (Lucozade, Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar and Relentless). pH and sugar content were measured and their ingredients reviewed in the context of oral and general health, focusing on dental caries and erosion and obesity.


All five energy drinks investigated had pH values below the critical value (5.5) associated with dental erosion; the lowest pH was 2.72 (Lucozade) and the highest was 3.37 (Monster). The drinks also contained excessive amounts of free sugars, ranging from 25.5 g (Red Bull) to 69.2 g (Rockstar). Differences in sugar content were mainly explained by portion size. Other ingredients contained within the energy drinks, caffeine and various acids, are also linked to oral and general health.

For the full study, follow this link nature.com

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