De-Registration Clarification

Practice Policies

Our practice policies can be found here

2 Year Period of attendance

“anyone who does not attend the practice for a check-up within a 2 year period will no longer be registered. If a patient fails to attend an appointment or cancels an appointment, no further appointments will be made until the patient has re-booked. It is the responsibility of the patient to ensure they attend the practice a minimum of every 2 years.”

If you were due an appointment during the Covid-19 outbreak then you will still remain registered with the pracitce.


If you were due a check-up after the 20th of March 2020, but have been unable to book one, then you will remain registered.

If you had not attended a check-up in the 2 years PRIOR to 20th March 2020, then you have already been de-registered. (Have not attended between 20/03/2018 – 20/03/2020 = de-registered)

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