Fizz Free February

Save money, lose weight and keep your teeth! #gofizzfree this February. Did you know: Tooth decay is the leading cause for hospitalisation among five to nine year olds in the UK, with 26,000 children being hospitalised each year due to tooth decay –in other words, 500 each week. […]

COVID-19 Update

25/03/20 RE: COVID-19 pandemic – Delay phase The new guidance will set out that individuals will still be asked to self-isolate for 7 days from the onset of COVID-19 symptoms but any individuals in the household will now be asked to self-isolate for 14 days from that moment […]

COVID-19 – see latest update

20/03/20 updated 24/03/20 RE: COVID-19 pandemic – Delay phase All patients who are booked in for appointments will be triaged, and any routine recalls for patients who are over 70, have an underlying health condition or are pregnant will be rearranged for later in the year. The new […]

COVID-19 Pandemic – see latest update

18/03/20 RE: COVID-19 pandemic All patients who are booked in for appointments should be triaged, and any routine recalls (regardless of age, medical status) should be rearranged for later in the year. We can only see patients that require treatment, are in severe pain or are in mid-treatment. […]

December 2019 Competition

Terms and Conditions The competition will start on the 03/12/2019 Competition winner will be announced on 17/12/2019 and must be available to attend appointment at Brock Street Dental Practice on a Monday, Tuesday or a Thursday. In order to enter the draw, you must share the competition post […]

How bad are energy drinks?

In a recent study by the Cardiff University, School of Dentistry, it was concluded that regular consumption of energy drinks could contribute to dental erosion and the development of obesity. Lucozade and Rockstar were found to potentially have the greatest impact on oral health and obesity. Materials and […]

March 2020 Competition

Free “Lunch time Peel” World Leaders in skin care, ZO Skin Health by Dr Obagi is now available at Brock Street Dental Practice. To celebrate we are offering 1 lucky winner the ZO Stimulator Peel (lunchtime peel) and a complimentary skin consultation with ZO Skin practitioner/Dentist – Dr […]

Charcoal Toothpastes Don’t Whiten Teeth

Charcoal-based toothpastes, which claim to whiten teeth, are a “marketing gimmick” which could increase the risk of tooth decay and staining, says a review in the British Dental Journal. The charcoal products, which are increasingly popular, often contain no fluoride to help protect the teeth. And there is […]