Cosmetic Dentistry

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is when the dentist applies the material (a resin) free hand to the tooth with little to no preparation and therefore is far less invasive than a traditional veneer. The dentist builds up the shape of the tooth and cures the material as they go along. These are currently £180 per tooth

For a complete smile makeover, we would recommend that you whiten your teeth first, so that we can colour match the composite bonding.

Traditional Veneer

A traditional veneer is similar to composite bonding as it sits on top of the existing tooth. However, typically the existing tooth needs to be prepared by drilling to acheive a good adhesion. The dentist will take a mould of your teeth and then have the veneers made in a lab. These are currently £395 per tooth and are either made from porcelain or ceramic.

Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular aesthetic dental treatments available. In fact, many Dental Professionals consider teeth whitening the safest cosmetic procedure available. Having the treatment at Brock Street Dental Practice guarantees that your whitening is carried out by a qualified professional, with legal, approved whitening gel.


Home whitening

We take impressions and make your whitening trays at the surgery. You take the trays and gels home and complete at home.

  • We use ‘Boutique Whitening’ teeth whitening system, a worldwide market leader in tooth whitening.
  • Easy to use with great results
  • Safe and given with professional guidance
  • The cost of this treatment is £300
  • 0% finance available for 12 months at £25 per month *subject to status

We don’t recommend laser whitening

  • Can oversensitize the teeth and result in pain
  • Only dries out the teeth causing them to whiten temporarily

Terms and Conditions

Subject to full Medical History, clinical assessment, medical assessment and signed consent

We have the right to refuse treatment should the patient be unsuitable for this type of cosmetic treatment.

The Patient must be dentally fit I.e. must have good oral health and require no dental treatments. If the Patient does require dental treatments, such as a filling(s), they must have this remedied first before cosmetic dentistry can be done. This can either be done at your own dentist for which they will charge their usual prices, or with us and we will charge our usual private prices.

Min Age 18

Consultations are free of charge.

Once you have had your consultation and have signed and agreed a price with the dentist in order to book an appointment, you must pay a 50% deposit, unless you are taking finance *subject to status. If you are taking finance via BSDP, we will book your appointment once the finance has been confirmed with the lender.

Once treatment is complete, the remaining balance must be paid before leaving.

If you fail to attend your appointment or give less than 24 hours notice of cancellation a fee of £1 per minute will be charged for the dentists time that could not be filled with another paying patient. In order to re-book the appointment, the deposit must be replenished back up to the 50% amount.

If after failing to attend or giving less than 24 hours notification of cancelling your appointment you wish to cancel the appointment entirely, you will be refunded the remaining balance of your deposit, minus the £1 per minute fee.

If you give more than 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment, you will recieve your full deposit back (100%).

If you have taken out finance and decide to cancel your appointment entirely, you will need to speak to the lender directly.