Oral Health

Taking Care of Your Teeth during Treatment

It is always important to brush, floss, and use mouthwash. However, these habits are especially important when you are undergoing Invisalign® treatment. Normally, even if you forget to brush once or twice, your saliva will help to remove food and bacteria from your mouth. However, if you reinsert your aligner without thorough hygiene, these particles will be trapped in close contact with your teeth for hours on end. To protect your healthy smile, you should brush and floss your teeth every time you eat. Additionally, you should drink plenty of water with meals, as this will further help to remove food and other harmful substances. Of course, there may be times when you eat out and are not able to brush your teeth. On these occasions, thoroughly rinse out your mouth and chew a piece of sugarless gum before putting your tray back in. To avoid these occasions, keep a spare toothbrush and tube of toothpaste in your purse, briefcase, or glove compartment.